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A History of Costume in Slides, Notes, and Commentaries is a unique six-volume work of visual lectures with 1,500 color slides and a 450-page text of notes, sketches, and slide commentaries. The collection shows, through beautiful works of art, the history of clothing for women and men throughout Western civilization from ancient Egypt to 1992.

Volume I: 3100 B.C.-1100 A.D.

254 color slides, 64 pages of text
Illustrates the ancient sophisticated civilizations of the Egyptians, Greeks, Etruscans and Romans and the beginnings of the Christian culture, both Byzantine and Romanesque.

Volume II: 1100-1510 

248 color slides, 71 pages of text
Views the formal beauties of the Early and Middle Gothic periods, the Bergundian era in France and the Renaissance in Italy

Volume III: 1500-1615 

195 color slides, 58 pages of text
Contrasts the pious austerities of the Reformation with the extravagance of the Elizabethans

Volume IV: 1615-1785

198 color slides, 63 pages of text
Shows the kaleidoscope changes during the aristocratic styles of the Baroque and Rococo, and the revolutions ending their reigns

Volume V: 1785-1930

293 color slides, 72 pages of text
Traces the rich panorama of design from Napoleon’s Empire to the Victorians, through the graces of the Edwardians to the angles of Art Deco

Volume VI: 1900-1992

303 color slides, 90 pages of text
Nine decades of fashion innovation, from turn-of-the-century Paris couture and Hollywood 30s glamour, to the Pop Art influence of the 60s right up to DKNY