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A History of Costume in Slides, Notes, and Commentaries is a unique six-volume work of visual lectures with 1,500 color slides and a 450-page text of notes, sketches, and slide commentaries. The collection shows, through beautiful works of art, the history of clothing for women and men throughout Western civilization from ancient Egypt to 1992.

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Originally developed with ColdFusion/MySQL in 2004 by the Multimedia Development Lab at UNT Libraries,  this content-rich online slides database has been given a second life after the site was migrated into Drupal 7 in 2011. 

In Fall 2004, the University of North Texas Libraries purchased digital rights from Slide Presentations, Publishers to scan the 1,490 slides contained in the History of Costume in Slides, Notes, and Commentaries collection. The slides were scanned at 300dpi, per our license agreement, by the Libraries’ Digital Projects Laboratory. From these scanned images, the Libraries’ User Interfaces Unit (Multimedia Development Lab) and Media Library staff created a searchable online database that not only preserves the originality of the slides, notes and commentaries but also makes the images and informational text more accessible to UNT faculty, staff, and student researchers.

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